Products Test Report

Our Products Advantages

Light and firm

The weight per square metre is much lower than that of traditional cement tiles. Accurate lapping and tightening make the roof stronger and avoid the possibility of roof collapse.


High quality aluminized zinc substrates and natural stone protective coatings have good anti corrosion performance, so that the service life of colored stone metal tile far exceeds that of ordinary tile.


Each coloured stone metal tile is easy to install and light in quality, which makes the maintenance cost of later tiles lower after installation.


High quality aluminized and galvanized steel sheet is used as the base material for coloured stone metal tile. Some materials can be recycled, which effectively reduces the cost of use.

Super decorative

Colored stone metal tile color and shape of a variety of choices and super three dimensional sense, can be a good combination of modern architectural art, with a strong decorative.

Easy to install

The color stone metal tile is lighter in texture and easy to install in tile design, which makes it possible to lay color stone metal tile on wooden keel and light steel keel smoothly.

Scientific construction

The scientific and accurate lapping design and professional installation instructions of coloured stone metal tiles ensure that the installation process can be completed timely and accurately.

Construction safety

Unique design and production technology greatly shorten the time of high-altitude construction and increase the safety of construction. Unique cutting in the course of laying will not produce large dust like traditional tile like.

Stone Coated Metal Roof Tile