Colored stone metal tile in the market dazzling, different kinds, different colors. Tile price moisture is large. In the building materials market, many products are dazzling, and the price is amazing, but careful consumers are not difficult to find that despite the high price, but are being sold at a low price, some even as low as two or three discounts, and the same products, the price in different stores is twice as bad. In this regard, the industry said that consumers in the process of purchasing products, do not be confused by the effect of samples and renderings, for product quality concerns, you can ask the business for the product “quality inspection report” to prevent bad businesses shoddy. When receiving the goods, be sure to carefully check the color difference, product quality, whether there is damage and fragmentation, etc., to prevent illegal businesses from profiting from it.

Pick up a sample of colored stone metal tiles and look at the density of the faults in the sample and the size of the constituent particles. Density, quality and heavy that is the better color stone metal tile, and see whether the surface of the work has a normal luster.

The choice of colored mineral particles is also very important, according to the quality from good to poor (cost from high to low) can be classified as: natural sand, ceramic sand, sintered sand (calcined sand), dyed sand. The quality of the sand is directly related to the durability of the color of the colored stone metal tile after a long time of sunlight, wind wiper and other natural workmanship, in short, it directly affects the beauty of the colored stone metal tile and the beauty of the roof.
The quality of aluminum-plated zinc steel plate directly affects the term of use of colored stone metal tile, aluminum-plated zinc steel plate is covered with aluminum zinc alloy on the surface of the steel plate, composed of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon solidified at 600℃ high temperature, and its entire structure is composed of aluminum – iron – silicon – zinc, forming a dense quaternary crystal of alloy plated steel plate. It has strong corrosion resistance, heat resistance, heat reflection and economy. More stable performance, better corrosion resistance.

Metal colored stone tile is a kind of roof decoration material with metal material as the base and the surface covered with colored stone particles. Its biggest feature is its unique fashion and beauty. The coverage of colored stone particles makes the metal colored stone tiles show a rich variety of colors, and different colors can be selected according to personal preferences, so that the roof is more bright and bright on the whole. Whether it is traditional architecture or modern architecture, metal colored stone tiles can be matched with it just right, showing a unique fashion aesthetic.


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