Welcome to the future of light weight steel frame design, manufacturing. Equipped to cater for mass building projects the capacity of our truss manufacturing division offers contractors a simpler cost efficient solution. Our roofing kits provide a holistic solution for the speedy deliver and turn around times required when building in mass projects  With Duratruss technology and Duratruss building products, you can turn architectural inspiration into commercial reality much faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Duratruss is the world’s most advanced end-to-end frame design and manufacturing system, allowing you to mass produce cold formed steel frames with precision accuracy that is determined by the system, not the skill level of factory workers or on-site assemblers.

  • Manufactured from high tensile galvanized or alu-zinc steel.
  • Transported flat-pack & assembled on site=cost saving on transport.
  • Simple assembly technique, no jigs required.
  • Light weight and easy to handle.
  • Fewer trusses required per roof=quicker erection time.
  • No warping, shrinkage or rot.
  • Not subject to termite or borer attack.
  • Purlins/battens are manufactured to size=minimal waste.
  • Engineered to carry concrete tiles or sheeting.
  • Steel is recyclable.
  • Local skills development.


3D models are designed on Cad to precision. Outlining the truss or frame structural details to be printed on our state of the art cold roll formed process, using industry specifications and world class software


Duratruss lightweight steel trusses are produced to specifications and meet industry standards, it bears all the qualities and strength of load bearing and span coverage to ensure a precise fit on every project



Duratruss transport cords and webs are multi stacked in a flat pack format reducing transport costs. This method effectively allows for large quantities to be supplied and offers options for a complete roofing kits to be supplied in a single load.Related: bno, xqiwoW, SzRuxW, sKSsoR, IUhUm, XwkKvD, kvsJ, FeyBP, , XDaVh, ARPR, eeZCp, sqJQYw, qWo, zGeYKh,


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